Combined Training Report

Area Combined Training at Dodderhill, Droitwich

We attended the CT yesterday at Dodderhill with one team consisting of Pippa Balch, Di Diana Ralph, Jill Cartlidge and Nicky Hoskins who was representing BDRC for the first time . We had some excitement before competition started as Di’s horse was feeling rather fresh and had to be lunged and generally calmed down before she could start. Di and Pippa were doing the Prelim/75 and did nice tests of 36 and 33 respectively. Considering Di hadn’t cantered her horse until she got in the arena this was amazing! They then followed up with two lovely clear rounds in the show jumping. Jill and Nicky did Novice 27, Jill produced a super test for 30.5 which put her in 7th place individually and Nicky had 38 which was very respectable for the horse’s second competitive dressage test! Jill jumped a great clear round over the 85cm course and was quite flustered to find that Manuka loved the jumping idea and took her into the double with great enthusiasm. Manuka has been having a lot of schooling for Teamquest so she probably thought jumping was much better fun!! Nicky just had the first part of the double down but the mare was honest and continued over the second part clear. The team finished in 5th place after a long wait for the scores. The two Worcester teams qualified for the Championships with extremely smart dressage scores from Vicki Hancox on two horses in different teams.

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