*Blenheim Horse Trials – team needed*

Hi everyone
Bromyard have entered a team in this competition at Blenheim Horse Trials on Thursday September 17th.  We are scheduled to jump at 10am with a course walk before 9.00 am. (Competition starts at 9am, there are 35 teams.)
If you would be interested in being in the team of 4 then please contact me.
This competition is an eventer challenge in one grass ring, there is a course of show jumps followed immediately by a course of properly built cross country fences.  The course is timed and the best three scores count to the team score.
To be in a team for this competition you need to be competently jumping 90/100cm eventing courses.  The time is always difficult to get and the courses are technical and require accurate, confident horse and rider combinations.  In the flyer for the competition this is what the organisers say:

The 90cm team challenge will be over a taxing course of up to height 90cm/95cm cross country fences and show jumps in a different part of the event site (the other side of the river). Whilst the course will not be quite as demanding as the 100 it is still not for the faint hearted so please ensure your team members are very competent at this level.


Alli Haynes

Bromyard Area Team Manager

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