Area Showjumping 10th Oct

areaSJ_2015_teamareaSJ_2015_team2areaSJ_2015_team3Hi Everyone

Yesterday was a very long day arriving at Kings at 7.30 to check everything was in place and awaiting the first competitors to arrive.
The day went really well, started on time finished, 30 minutes early. This was good as we had two teams jump off for first place.
An exciting way to finish a great day !

A massive THANK YOU to all the helpers this day could not without you !
Helpers were James Day, Kay Newman, Mavis Price, Charlotte Wild and boyfriend, Rebecca Wild, Louise Wild, Lisa Bateman, Sarah Stillard, Toni Woolley, Di Hawkins, Meggie Garfield and friend, Jill Cartlidge, Sue Holloway and my mum.
Sorry if I have missed anyone out.
The Kings family as always did a great job scoring and feeding us all day.

Now for the teams… I cannot remember exactly what there rounds were.(sorry)
A great bunch of people with team spirit and pulled together to find extra horses for the teams when people dropped out.
Nicky rode her daughters pony, Nicky only jumped it the Thursday before.
Pippa brought Rheeney out of semi retirement Chloe jumped a horse she had ridden once before to see if she could jump it !
Novice Teams
Bromyard Hawks Chloe Hayward,Pippa Balch,Carly King,Harriet Turner. All had a great first round,then the course went up and changed, this proved a little more difficult, even Delilah had a pole. They finished on 12 faults (I think)
Bromyard Eagles Fae Armstrong, Nicky Hoskins, Pippa Balch, Karen Cholerton also had a good first round. The second round proved to be a little tricky for some . Fae’s horse decided not to be so rideable and picked up 12 faults and Karen had a sat nav disfunction.

Bromyard Hawks came 4th with Pippa and Cobweb 8th individually.
Intermediate Team Nicky Hoskins,Chloe Hayward,Emily Hicks,Georgie Toole This team had given me headaches running up to this competition
We didn’t know if Georgies pony was going to be able to jump. Chloes first choice had a virus second choice vaccinations weren’t up to date,so trying
to think of who we could ask to replace her. Wayne Garrick said come and jump my horses there is going to be one you can ride.
Along came Toddy who can jump though I think brakes weren’t quite so good.
They all rolled a pole or two in the first round but had a much better second round they all seemed to like the bigger fences. they finished on 20 faults.
Putting the team 5th .Georgie and Magic were 8th individually.

I cannot thank everyone who helped and our team riders enough.

Full results are on the website

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