Area Results

Area Results for 2018

SJ On the 10th March we sent an 80 cm team consisting of Alli Haynes, Jill Cartlidge, Sarah Stillard, Pippa Baulch. They came 6th out of 12 teams and Pippa did a great job coming 5th out of 48 individually
We had one individual in the 90 cm Jess Blake who was 4th We had two in the 110 cm Sam Pichilingi who was 3rd Sue Holloway who was 4th. Thank you to those members who came.

Horse Trials on 7th May: We had a successful day at the Area Horse Trials at Swalcliffe.

  • The 80 cm team consisting of Alli Haynes, Jill Cartlidge, Fae Armstrong and Harriet Turner were 3rd
  • Alli was 2nd in her arena
  • Harriet was 5th
  • Georgie Toole was in the 90 cm as an individual and came 2nd

Congratulations to everyone especially as it was a hot day !

Show Jumping at Malvern on the 27th May
We sent sent three teams to the Area Show Jumping at Malvern on the 27th May. It was a very wet day which made conditions slippery.
Our 80 cm were unplaced but enjoyed the day
The 90 cm team consisting of
Georgie Toole
Nicky Hoskins
Fae Armstrong
Chloe Haywood
Were 5th and Georgie won individually qualifying for the Championships !!! Well done
The Style team consisting of
Georgie Toole
Jill Cartlidge
Chloe Haywood
Pippa Baulch
Were 4 th and Georgie was 5th individually 
I would like to congratulate Nicky Hoskins on coming 3rd individually at area show jumping it has just been known to me !!!
Thank you to all team members for turning out in awful weather to represent the club so successfully!!!

Area dressage on the 3rd June
We sent a team to area dressage on the 3rd June consisting of:
Penny Gilbert
Chloe Haywood
Jill Cartlidge
Georgie Toole
Unfortunately the standard was very high this year and they came 7 th.
Georgie did the Medium and came 2 nd which was well deserved as she did a good test.
The other good news is that Georgie has qualified for the championships at Lincoln for the show jumping . We wish her good luck and hope she has fun !
Thank you to everyone who has represented the club.

Horse Trials Championships at Swalcliffe

Congratulations to Georgie Toole who was 2nd in her Arena and 3rd overall at the Horse Trial Championships last weekend at Swalcliffe a great achievement we are all very proud of her and Magic . Sue.