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Area Combined Training Sunday 8th May

Combined Training Report

Successful day today at Area Combined Training on the hottest day of the year so far. Bromyard came 2nd just one point behind the winners cropthorne and so just missing qualifying for the national championships. Pretty good result as we were down to a team of three after Megan Hay’s passport failed the inspection from the horse’s initial course of vacs from 2012 (Can I urge all area competitors to make sure they upload their horse’s passports to the Area 18 database before a competition as then any discrepancies will be flagged up….it is so disappointing to turn up at a venue and be told you can’t compete!). Georgie Toole was on her usual blistering form and won her warm up class and then won her arena so she should be qualifying for the Champs as highest placed individual not in the winning team. Jill Cartlidge was 6th in her arena and I was 8th. We both jumped clear rounds but picked up a few annoying time faults which probably cost us the win . Too fast last week, too slow this week…I must do better. Results below and a photo of me demonstrating just how serious a business Dressage is!!alli_combined_t

Area Intermediate Dressage March 2016





Nice day at area intermediate dressage at Lincomb today. No team rosettes, teams came 7th and 8th out of 20 teams. Standard very strong but best performance from Sue Holloway coming 2nd in Elementary 44 with Georgie Toole coming 4th. Teams were B Hawks Charli Wild Chloe Hayward Penny Gilbert and Georgie Toole. Eagles Steph Vincent Chloe Megan Hay and sue holloway. Special mention to penny and Chloe who made it on the right day today having set out on Saturday too!! 😳. Also well done to Charlotte Wild who was doing her first area competition with William and finished a very respectable 8th in her arena. First of many we hope 😃. Thanks to all who competed and above are pics of smart smiley team members.

Top ten team results were:

1st Worcester Wanderers 6  2nd Cheltenham Daffodils 7 3rd SSRC Blue 8 4th SSRC Yellow 13 5th Cheltenham Snowdrops 13 6th Worcester Wizards 14 7th Bromyard Hawks 20 8th Bromyard Eagles 25 9th Cheltenham Crocus 25 10th Malvern Marvels 26

Area Showjumping 10th Oct

areaSJ_2015_teamareaSJ_2015_team2areaSJ_2015_team3Hi Everyone

Yesterday was a very long day arriving at Kings at 7.30 to check everything was in place and awaiting the first competitors to arrive.
The day went really well, started on time finished, 30 minutes early. This was good as we had two teams jump off for first place.
An exciting way to finish a great day !

A massive THANK YOU to all the helpers this day could not without you !
Helpers were James Day, Kay Newman, Mavis Price, Charlotte Wild and boyfriend, Rebecca Wild, Louise Wild, Lisa Bateman, Sarah Stillard, Toni Woolley, Di Hawkins, Meggie Garfield and friend, Jill Cartlidge, Sue Holloway and my mum.
Sorry if I have missed anyone out.
The Kings family as always did a great job scoring and feeding us all day.

Now for the teams… I cannot remember exactly what there rounds were.(sorry)
A great bunch of people with team spirit and pulled together to find extra horses for the teams when people dropped out.
Nicky rode her daughters pony, Nicky only jumped it the Thursday before.
Pippa brought Rheeney out of semi retirement Chloe jumped a horse she had ridden once before to see if she could jump it !
Novice Teams
Bromyard Hawks Chloe Hayward,Pippa Balch,Carly King,Harriet Turner. All had a great first round,then the course went up and changed, this proved a little more difficult, even Delilah had a pole. They finished on 12 faults (I think)
Bromyard Eagles Fae Armstrong, Nicky Hoskins, Pippa Balch, Karen Cholerton also had a good first round. The second round proved to be a little tricky for some . Fae’s horse decided not to be so rideable and picked up 12 faults and Karen had a sat nav disfunction.

Bromyard Hawks came 4th with Pippa and Cobweb 8th individually.
Intermediate Team Nicky Hoskins,Chloe Hayward,Emily Hicks,Georgie Toole This team had given me headaches running up to this competition
We didn’t know if Georgies pony was going to be able to jump. Chloes first choice had a virus second choice vaccinations weren’t up to date,so trying
to think of who we could ask to replace her. Wayne Garrick said come and jump my horses there is going to be one you can ride.
Along came Toddy who can jump though I think brakes weren’t quite so good.
They all rolled a pole or two in the first round but had a much better second round they all seemed to like the bigger fences. they finished on 20 faults.
Putting the team 5th .Georgie and Magic were 8th individually.

I cannot thank everyone who helped and our team riders enough.

Full results are on the website

*Blenheim Horse Trials – team needed*

Hi everyone
Bromyard have entered a team in this competition at Blenheim Horse Trials on Thursday September 17th.  We are scheduled to jump at 10am with a course walk before 9.00 am. (Competition starts at 9am, there are 35 teams.)
If you would be interested in being in the team of 4 then please contact me.
This competition is an eventer challenge in one grass ring, there is a course of show jumps followed immediately by a course of properly built cross country fences.  The course is timed and the best three scores count to the team score.
To be in a team for this competition you need to be competently jumping 90/100cm eventing courses.  The time is always difficult to get and the courses are technical and require accurate, confident horse and rider combinations.  In the flyer for the competition this is what the organisers say:

The 90cm team challenge will be over a taxing course of up to height 90cm/95cm cross country fences and show jumps in a different part of the event site (the other side of the river). Whilst the course will not be quite as demanding as the 100 it is still not for the faint hearted so please ensure your team members are very competent at this level.


Alli Haynes

Bromyard Area Team Manager

Sapey Area 18 ODE Report

Area Animalife HT results

Hi everyone

100+ team .  Report below pictures. Results attached.



12 hour day at sapey with the teams. 80cm team not placed but Nicky Lambert 6th individually in her arena. Good spirit and everyone did their best. Rosie harris came 4th in the junior 90 cm with a double clear. 100 +’team 1st. Only team entered but went very well. A few blips in the Sj but very solid performances in the dressage and xc. Championships here we come! Results are attached to email.   Thanks to Penny Hayward for scoring today

Area Dressage to Music today at Kings.  8 members competing.  Come along and support if you are free on this somewhat rainy morning.

Alli Haynes

Area Team Manager

Area SJ and Style Jumping Report 24th May

Area Sj and style jumping today. An early start at three counties field. The novice show jumping took the usual amount of prisoners. I don’t know what it is about that ring?? Our team of Jill Cartlidge Nicky Lambert georgie toole and Meggie Garfield did fine but a few green mistakes put them out of contention. They all jumped better in the second round. The exception was Georgie Toole who did a lovely double clear and jumped off for individual 3rd place. Well done Georgie. P…oor Meggie’s horse slipped on the lush grass which was a bit slippy following an early morning shower of rain and her horse half fell depositing Meggie on the floor. She didn’t jump the second round as both a bit shaken. Hope you are ok Meggie? In the other ring was the style jumping which was running a bit slowly. Our team (Jill, nicky, georgie and me)did really well here, all four members went clear and georgie was 3 rd individually and I was 5th. Our team came third but it was really close and the 1st (Worcester) and 2nd (South Shropshire) teams finished on 262 points and Bromyard were on 259 !! Great team spirit from everyone today which made it an enjoyable day. Will post full results when I have them.

Area June Update!

Hi everyone
The weekend at the end of June is a busy one for Area 18 competitions.  We have the Horse Trials on Saturday 27th June at Sapey and the Dressage to Music on Sunday 28th June at Kings EC.
I do not have the schedule for the Horse Trials yet but will let you know as soon as I receive it.
The DTM schedule is attached to this email for your information.  There are sections for Novice No Points, Novice with Points, Elementary and Medium/Advanced and also for Pairs..
Please let me know if you would like to compete at this event.  The preliminary entries have to be made to Head Office by me by Sat 6th June so I need to know before then.
So far I have had
Anne Bliss – Novice no points
Penny Gilbert – Novice no points.
This is an individual competition only.  Entry fee is £20 per class.  All individual competitors and at least one of the pair riders much hold BD Music or Standard membership in order to compete.
Please enter your horse’s passport details on the Area 18 database as if your vaccinations are not correct you will not be allowed to compete.
Alli Haynes
Senior Area Manager