2017 Results and Trophies Awarded at the AGM

Best Mercian Competitor: Jennie Hopkins
Best Area Competitor: Jill Cartlidge

Most Promising Partnership: Charlotte Wild and Harry
Best Helper: Carol Blake (also awarded and honorary membership)

Dressage Shows
1st Samantha Pichilingi 22 points
2nd Jess Blake 19 points
3rd Toni Wooley 12 points
4th Kay Newman 11 points
5th Penny Hayward 10 points
6th Alli Haynes 9 points

League Table with points given for team appearances for Mercian and Area and attending Dressage Shows

A trophy for 1st place was awarded to Chloe Hayward on 16 points
2nd Jill Cartlidge on 13 points
=3rd Harriet Turner and Georgie Toole on 11 points
= 5th Alli Haynes and Pippa Baulch on 8 points

2017 Dressage Shows results:

BROMYARD dressage 10 August 2017 results